Operation & Maintenance

PV Power Plant O&M

Advanced technology from Germany, well-developed big data system, extensive experience on PV power plant O&M and indigenous innovation greatly enhance project performance.
  • Professional Monitoring, all is under control

    High Precision, Multi-dimension, comprehensive data collection

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  • Professional O&M, Output Assurance

    O&M services can be extended to planning and construction stage, professional and all-round O&M improve performance significantly.

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  • Reliable data secures fund

    O&M services is essential to project evaluation.

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PV Technology Indigenous Innovation, Supporting Services

  • Problem solving
  • Equipment Cleaning
  • Loans & Financing
  • Output Monitoring
  • Unified Optimization
  • Returns Calculation
  • Asset Evaluation
  • Security Monitoring
  • Operation Report
  • Project Selling&Leasing