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Unisun 15MW Okajima Project Officially Achieves Interconnection

Unisun Energy Group (“Unisun”)  announced the official interconnection of its 15MW Okajima Project (“Project”) on March 17th, 2017. The Project is located in Fukushima Prefecture’s Okajima township and covers an area of 320,000 ㎡. The Project land is classified as unused mountain land. The expected generation of the Project will be upwards of 16.3 million kWh at a rate of JPY40/kWh based on a 20 year power purchase agreement signed with a local power company. The Project is expected to be able to meet the energy needs of 2,900 local households.
In recent years, the Japanese solar market has undergone rapid growth in part due to the market trend of renewable energy adoption and in part as a result of the Japanese government’s support of renewable energy through lucrative subsidies. As a result of these factors, Japanese solar installation continues to demonstrate significant growth resulting in many Chinese solar companies’ targeting the Japanese solar market for immediate and future strategic development. As a global renewable energy solutions provider, Unisun entered the Japanese market with the assistance of its teams of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals in 2013 as part of its vision for global projects development and became one of the first Chinese companies to secure Japanese EPC qualifications. The quality and reliability of Unisun’s solar PV facilities has won the acclaim and approval of its Japanese clients.   
As the EPC provider for the Okajima Mountainside Project, in order to ensure that the Project is successfully connected to the grid on schedule, Unisun’s teams of local professionals carefully and diligently conducted geological tests, environmental assessments, safety inspection, and customized precise pile driving, soil and water conservation plans based on the local conditions and their findings. These efforts resulted in massive increases in the efficiency of the construction process and led to the effective recycling of the otherwise long abandoned mountain land resources without causing any kind of damage to the existing ecological environment, thereby guaranteeing increased economic benefits. 

The chairwoman of Unisun, Ms. Yisha He indicated that, “Unisun has always strictly adhered to quality German engineering standard and dedicated itself to providing its global clients with high standard, high quality renewable energy facilities. The recently grid connected Okajima  Project is a perfect case in point..”
To date, Unisun has a global projects pipeline in excess of 1GW and Japan is one of the most important markets for Unisun in recent years. Ms. Yisha He indicated that “Unisun has invested  in the development of close to one hundred megawatt’s worth of solar PV projects and have completed many other high quality solar PV facilities for our clients. All solar PV facilities currently being held by Unisun have secured long term financing from major Japanese banks and Unisun expects a new batch of projects to become grid connected and operational during this fiscal year.”