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Core Competitive Advantages

Possessing extensive project experience with a global view, Unisun Energy provides clients and investors with vertically-integrated supporting services adhering to rigorous standard from Germany. With a strategic vision, Unisun people are well-prepared to devote themselves to offering all-round and one-stop solutions to clients worldwide.

Core Competitive Advantages
  • Global Operations
    Unisun has well-established operations and team structures in dozens of new energy hubs and emerging markets around the world. The company has established a solid foundation and rich resources in market...
  • Rigorous technical standards
    The company has inherited a highly rigorous set of technical ideals, management processes and quality control standards from Germany. We are able to construct power plants capable...
  • Extensive Project Experlence
    Unisun's teams have over 1GW of experience in project development, construction, engineering and O&M in Asia, Europe, and Americas.
  • Superior support services
    Unisun was the first to create an industry-leading PV power plant O&M platform in China, and its total O&M capacity is expected to exceed 1GW over the next three years.
  • Inverstment security
    Investment and Financing SecurityThe shared corporate platform with many international financial institution.
  • Vertically integrated operations
    The company’s operations cover all segments of the PV power plant value chain, including project development, investment, construction, sale, financing and maintenance, and...
  • Influence
    As the industry leader of PV investment and construction field, the company has operated successfully several PV plant projects, and has been highly influential in the industry.
  • Project resource
    The PV industry flourishes worldwide and demand for is very large in domestic and international market. The company plans to operate 5GW PV plants in the next three years around the world.